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1. A Revised policy framework for the Chandigarh periphery controlled area
2. Revised policy on landscaping of road berms in front and sides of plots in Urban Estates of Punjab
3. Mode of allotment for Institutional sites
4. Need based changes allowed in the dwelling units constructed by PUDA in Punjab
5. Policy of minimum area requirement for setting of residential/commercial colony.
6. Policy regarding allotment of land to private charitable hospitals.
7. Policy regarding allotment of plots/houses to oustees.
8. Policy regarding allotment of land for setting up refrigerated outlets
9. Policy regarding allotment of ground floor houses to handicapped and blind persons
10. Policy regarding waiving off the extension fee in hardship cases
11. Policy regarding permitting residential building for installation of std ,fax & pco and photostate machine in urban estate,Punjab
12. Policy regarding transfer of Plots/Houses/Commercial property.
13. Policy regarding allotment of House/Booth to riot victims.
14. Policy for condonation delay in respect of residential/commercial plots alloted through auction and institutional sites.
15. Policy regarding penality to be charged for default in payments of installments or any other fee due to Puda.
16. Policy regarding allotment of land for setting up milk booth/bar.
17. Revised policy for granting permission to installation of communication towers/antenna to be installed by telecom operators in areas falling under the purview of Puda.
18. Policy regarding composition fee charges for compounding violations of PUDA building rules,1996.
19. Policy regarding conversion of trade of commercial sites falling in Urban Estates of Punjab.
20. Consolidated reservation policy for allotment of houses and plots
21. Policy regarding extension fee for Residential, Commercial, Industrial land and the land allotted to institutions, private builders and housing societies.
22. Land Purchase Policy
23. Oustee Policy
24. Land Pooling and Land Purchase Policy
25. Policy guidelines and building norms for regularization of existing marriage palaces and setting up of new marriage palaces in the state of Punjab.
26. Regarding reservation to non resident Indian in the allotment of Plots/houses by draw of lot.
27. Terms and Conditions of Auction(Includes Residential / Commercial / institutional and Chunk Sites)
28. Amendment in reservation policy regarding allotment of plots and flats.
29. Adjustment of instalments received from allottees.
30. Policy regarding Apporoval for sales of plots allotted to 1984 riot effected families.
31. Policy regarding allotment of institutional sites.
32. Amendment in Consolidated reservation policy for allotment of houses and plots.
33. Regarding Change In Names and Definition In N.R.I Category Against 10% Reservation of N.R.I Category in HOUSE / Plots Allotment
34. Amendment in Determined Rates of Auction of Residential/Commercial/Institutional and Chuck Sites
35. Auction of undeveloped sites - Exemption from payment of interest till possession.
36. Policy for utilization of External Development Charges in the State of Punjab.
37. Policy Regarding allotment of multistorey flats to the employees working in Punjab Government, Punjab Governments Board, Corporations, Punjab and Haryana High Court and PUDA/Authorities.

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